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SCOTT REED - 7   Dan

  • Started Uechi Ryu karate training in 1985 with Sensei Ric Martin in Florida.

  • Currently a 7th degree Black Belt in Uechi Ryu.

  • Awarded Shihan Certificate (Master Instructor in July 2015)

  • Teaching formally at the school and abroad for 34 years.

  • Developed and teaches a Muay Thai Kickboxing workout and also teaches a martial arts based cardio program for "Crunch", a large fitness company in Florida.

  • Believes strongly that the mental disciplines associated with karate training are what serve a person for their lifetime.


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GREGG WEBER - 6    Dan

  • Began Uechi Ryu karate training in 1973 with Sensei John Ray.

  • Currently a 6th degree Black Belt in Uechi Ryu and awarded Kenyukai Shihan
    (Master Instructor) certificate in 2007.

  • Teaches in Denton, Texas and has travelled to Okinawa multiple times to train directly under Grandmaster Shinjo.

  • A veterinarian by profession and a karateka at heart.



  • Started karate training in August, 1967 with Sensei Dwight Scheer in Saskatoon, SK.

  • Began the University of Saskatchewan Karate Club in September, 1975.

  • Moved to Japan in August, 1982 and began training at the JKA Niigata Prefectural main dojo and received the rank of Ni (2) dan in JKA Shotokan karate.

  • Also studied Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido and received the rank of sho (1) dan from the All Japan Kendo Federation.

  • Returned to Canada in 1984 and opened a dojo in Lloydminster SK/AB.

  • Travelled to Santa Ana, California in February, 1985 to seek instruction from Master Fumio Demura.

  • 1985 to present, director and chief instructor of Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Genbukai of Canada.

  • Currently holds the rank of roku (6) dan in Karate and yon (4) dan in Kobudo, awarded by Master Demura.

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