Hello karate Senseis and students,
  I am very happy to officially announce that we will be hosting our annual "Spirit of the North" training, seminars and tournaments.  It is an excellent opportunity for us to have some fun training and competing with our karate friends from around the globe.  Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, I was unable to arrange for instructors from Okinawa. However, we are very lucky to have as friends of the dojo senior karate instructors  that have an enormous amount of experience and always bring a fresh insight to our own training. 
 Sensei Cam Steuart has been an instructor for us before and his organization has supported and hosted us from the very beginning.  Sensei Scott Reed from Florida and Sensei Gregg Weber from Texas both have over 30 years of experience teaching Uechi Ryu karate and are looking forward to coming to our dojo again.
   I encourage every student to register for this event.  It is a privilege to participate in classes taught by guest Master Instructors.  The tournament is an excellent opportunity to improve your ability to perform under pressure - a skill definitely required for testing.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Sensei Manuel A. deSa
Kiyoshi, Nanadan
7th degree Black Belt
Shihan, Master Instructor