Welcome to Spirit of the North 2019

We are so fortunate this year to have Grandmaster Kiyohide Shinjo as our special Uechi Ryu guest instructor.  Some of us are making plans to see him in Okinawa this summer at his 60th dojo anniversary special event, but I am so happy that he will see all of his Canadian members in May.  Shinjo Sensei is sought from around the world by karate students of all styles so we are so grateful for his commitment to our school.
We are also happy to have
World Champion Luis Plumacher teaching sparring techniques for all levels during the week and assessing students at the competitions.

I hope you make every effort to support this event by participating or volunteering.  We know that our visiting guests are always impressed by the positive community and cooperation of so many students and parents.


Sensei Manuel A. deSa
Kiyoshi, Nanadan
7th degree Black Belt
Shihan, Master Instructor